Friday, 20 January 2017

RoseMarie Seoir lucky bag 2017

Hello lovelies,

I made an unboxing video of my RoseMarie seoir parcel.
I still need a better background but for now it should be sufficient.

Everything I got in one picture.

The lucky bag was 20.000Yen (without taxes) which was about 191€ with my exchange rate. Shipping from Tenso was another 34€, so all in all I spent about 225€.
For that price I got:
2 bags1 apron1 pair of shoes2 tights/stocking2 necklaces1 chocker1 ring2 hairpins1 belt/necklace 2 little twin star folder1 top

I checked with the RoseMarie seoir homepage because the items didn't have any price tags and found some of the items in my fukubukuro, 
Ballerina Bag ~6372Yen
Apron ~9180Yen
Baby and Lolita hairclip each ~2484Yen
One necklace was ~2592Yen (and I got two)
I couldn't find the price for the other items. But all in all, from what I could gather, the items with the prices were worth about 37772Yen. A good deal. 

Enough the talking and off to the pictures..

Ballerina bag

Front and back. The bag is one of the items I actually wanted to buy but didn't. Lucky me. It was not my preferred colorway but nevertheless, one of the colours I liked.

Cat tights

The cats are super cute and in winter I only wear white or beige tights so that was a really good item. I only fear that my mighty thighs don't fit into that cute and delicate item...

Ribbon and frills tights

 I love, love, love the design of these tights. It has pearls, ribbons and frills. Everything I like! The pictures are from front and back of the tights because they look a bit different on each side.

Top "Dance all night, sleep all day"

As I mentioned in the video, for me it should be "read all night, sleep all day". Haha. 
But this is one of the items I don't really want, so I'll put it up on sale on my facebook soon. Hint, hint.

Kurara's maid apron

I unboxed that and 
Definitely not my style. At all.. I'll put it on sale too. 

Lady ribbon shoes

I really hoped to get the fluffy shoes but those are okay too. I can at least use them for lolita too, so that's a big plus. 

Purple choker

I am always in need of chokers so this was a yey item. That and I didn't have one in purple yet. Nice.

Rhinestone belt/necklace

I am still not sure if this was meant to be a necklace or a belt, but it looks cute nevertheless. 

Rosemarie seoir shopping bag

The logo is really nice. I think the color combination plus the cat, the legs in heel with a vintage stocking is great. Actually the logo has everything I like. 

Baby and lolita hair pin

I get the lolita hairpin but baby....that's weird. And especially the combination.. 

Heart necklace
The necklaces look so delicate and fragile. They are lovely items.


The ring is my least favourite item. It looks cheap and also has a very cheap feeling. Oh well.

These are my items! 
What did you all get? 

All the best,


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