Monday, 13 March 2017

Lolita meet up 12.03.17

Hello lovelies,

Yesterday I attended a small lolita spring tea party held in Vienna. It was held at Haas&haas, a tea shop in the heart of the first district right behind the Stephansdom. Therefore the prices for the items are higher but at least you also get good food and tea quality. Even though I was not fond of the matcha, the tea and the mini cakes were very good.

Picture by Dani

Picture by Dani
We had lolita Valentines and a costume contest with a prize, a stocking from Komachi 2266532 Darklolita.
Our gothic lolita won the costume contest, a perfect fit with the stockings! That, and she really looked amazing.
Picture by Dani
For this nice occasion I went with a retro inspired lolita coord.
I got the hat from bodyline and cut away the ugly black net. Then I added real hat net to it and glued everything together again.

I made the dress myself (see the post on my sewing blog) and the rest is offbrand.
Selfie :3

A selfie with Isi

 And here are the full body shots. The first was one done at the location.

Picture by Dani

Here are some close ups:

 Before getting into the dress I made a picture of my hair.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Japanese Fashion pictures

Hello lovelies,

I am collecting pictures of japanese fashion, staff snaps and everything else on my dropbox. You can all look at them for free and even though they are not sorted, maybe you'll find some new and nice ideas.
Dropbox link here

Brands that are included are:
Jesus Diamante
Liz Lisa
Ank Rouge
Nile Perch
E hyphen world gallery bonbon
Syrup Tokyo/RoseMarie seoir
Royal Party

Please don't delete pictures!
All of these and more can be found in my dropbox.

The pictures are not sorted because I don't have time to do that everytime...Sorry about that!

All the best,

Auris Lothol

Friday, 3 March 2017

3 ways to get cheap liz lisa items

Hello lovelies,

one of my all time favourite brand is Liz Lisa. I love their style, the cut of their clothes and their colours. What I do not like is their price. But it doesn't have to be expensive at all, except you always hunger for the newest collection and want it now. If you have patience and also buy items from the past collection it's not that expensive anymore.

1) Tokyo kawaii life
This shopping site offers the newest Liz Lisa items. But they also always have a huge sale section with most items being about 30% cheaper.
The older collection can be found in the outlet with items up to 70% off. link
 Tokyo kawaii life doesn't ship outside of Japan but with a shipping service like Tenso that is no problem at all.

2) Buyee
This site is a shopping service which lets you bid on auction sites like yahoo japan. Now second hand items is a huge business in Japan and due to lack of big closets Japanese women tend to sell their old clothes.
Liz Lisa can be found in the RI category:
You bid on the item or use the buy it now tool and buyee ships the items to you directly. But be careful buyee has usage fees, plus you have to pay for the shipping in japan and then for the shipping to your place. More about that here.

3) Second hand groups
Livejournal was THE site but everything changed when facebook took over.
Search for cheap items at the liz lisa sale group or at the gyaru sale group.
Shopping tip: buy locally! If you live in Europe, try only to buy from European sellers. This has two reasons: cheaper shipping and no taxes.

Happy shopping!

Auris Lothol

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Mini meet up

Hello lovelies,

last Sunday I organized a mini lolita meet-up in Vienna.
There is a cafe in the outskirts of Vienna called "Little Britain" and the decor makes it a very good lolita location. They also have a wide arrange of cakes, cupcakes, and sweets. Their tea is super delicious and they also have British hot chocolates. The owner is very friendly and she loved our dresses.
Initially I planed the event with 10 guests but in the end we were about 16, so definitely not that small. With it being a mini meet-up, s.o. were allowed too but in the end there were only two boyfriends attending.

My outfit consisted of an Angelic Pretty OP with an overskirt by Mighty kingdom couture. The shoes were from DreamV.

All the pictures were made by M.

I also made an aesthetic video. I tried to concentrate more on the details and the ~aesthetics~.

This being the first try, I think it worked out fine. A tripod would have been better but it will be used next time.

All the best,


Friday, 17 February 2017

January/February new items

Hey lovelies,

the past few years I got a few questions asking how I could afford my hobbies (and especially that Japan trip back in 2014/2015). But let me tell you, I am actually a really super cheapskate. When I go shopping for food I always buy the cheapest or the things that are on sale. The same for my business work clothes. I never buy full price but wait for offers. My favourite brand for business clothing is Orsay and if you are a member you sometimes receive a minus 20% voucher. A few years ago sale was only after Christmas and during summer but it shifted and now we also have pre-sales a few times a year. I try to not buy dresses and shoes over 20€, tops and bottoms over 10€ and accessories over 5€.
The same system is not always working with my Japanese fashion hobby, but if you know where to search you can really get great offers. And here I talk especially about second-hand communities on livejournal and facebook. For lolita I try to spend no more than 150€ for an OP, 100€ for a jsk, 30€ for a blouse and shoes, and not over 10€ for the rest likes socks and accessories.
Gyaru is a bit different here. Jsk, op, and shoes should not be more than 30€, blouses and bags no more than 20€. I try and not buy shoes second hand from Liz lisa because the quality is not that great.

This reminds me of this production triangle:
And it's true. So I choose quality and money and prefer to wait than maybe get something fast and in a good quality but expensive as hell.

The first item I got was a dress from my dream dress list.
It's the long version of the flora jsk by Innocent World. I bought it over the second-hand lolita community on facebook. The jsk was 85€ and I had two shipping options. I took the expensive tracked option for 17,99€. So all in all I paid 102,99€ for the dress.

The dress has some nice vintage vibes and it fits perfectly in my wardrobe. I can't wait for spring to finally wear it.

The next item I bought over a friend. It was more pricey than my limit but I don't mind spending more money at friends' sales because I know that most of them need the money. I know it sounds arrogant but I hate the friendship sales. If you are a true friend you should pay the full price and support them.
The cardigan is from Angelic Pretty and was 40€. No shipping costs here. That's also a very useful tip. Buy local. Meet up with the buyers (if you can) and you won't have to pay for the shipping.

All the bows are detachable. I just love how soft the cardigan looks. This is definitely a spring item too.

The third and fourth items were bought over a second-shop in Japan. Normally I try to avoid those shops because not only is the shipping expensive, there also may be a possibility that I have to pay taxes for it.
The shop is called Pretty Japan and it was not the first time I ordered something from them.
Facebook - Online shop
The items are super cheap and they sometimes have sales and/or free shipping.
I ordered two dresses when I got the mail that there was another free shipping option.

This business dress from Julia Boutique was only 500Yen. My cheapskate heart was very happy.

The other dress is from the brand L'est rose. It's an (onee)gyaru brand.

 I only wore it one time and there were billions of cat hair already on the black top part. Ugh.
The dress was 1.500Yen.
So all in all I paid 2.000Yen for two dresses and no shipping. This was about 19,19€ and thus still under the free import. Hooray! So no taxes either.

The fifth item is an old Liz Lisa dress. The girl had posted it on the Liz lisa second hand sales community on facebook and two girls before me didn't message her any more so I got the dress.
It was 30€ and shipping was another 9,99€. No taxes added because the dress was sent from another European country.

The material of the dress is wool and the colour is a kind of greyish purple. Or purplish grey?
But I love the ballerina shoes and bow stitching at the hem.

The sixth and final dress is not from a Japanese brand but from a British one. I'm a sucker for white (or in this case cream) coloured dresses with lace and pearls.
And the dress was so cheap, how could I not buy it?
The dress was 8 pounds and the shipping another 8 pounds. So 16 pounds at that time were only 20,54€.

So this was my shopping spree from January/February.

Which item do you like best?