Monday, 13 March 2017

Lolita meet up 12.03.17

Hello lovelies,

Yesterday I attended a small lolita spring tea party held in Vienna. It was held at Haas&haas, a tea shop in the heart of the first district right behind the Stephansdom. Therefore the prices for the items are higher but at least you also get good food and tea quality. Even though I was not fond of the matcha, the tea and the mini cakes were very good.

Picture by Dani

Picture by Dani
We had lolita Valentines and a costume contest with a prize, a stocking from Komachi 2266532 Darklolita.
Our gothic lolita won the costume contest, a perfect fit with the stockings! That, and she really looked amazing.
Picture by Dani
For this nice occasion I went with a retro inspired lolita coord.
I got the hat from bodyline and cut away the ugly black net. Then I added real hat net to it and glued everything together again.

I made the dress myself (see the post on my sewing blog) and the rest is offbrand.
Selfie :3

A selfie with Isi

 And here are the full body shots. The first was one done at the location.

Picture by Dani

Here are some close ups:

 Before getting into the dress I made a picture of my hair.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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