Friday, 20 January 2017

Coordinate ideas: Larme kei + leo print

Hello lovelies,

Over the span of the last 5 months I collected so many pictures from twitter, ameblo and different shops. So I thought to myself why not combine the pictures with the same characteristics? It would be a lot of help for those who sometimes don't know how to coordinate the item.
I hope it will be a great help and an inspiration.

My first theme will be larme kei and leo prints.

When I checked the pictures I saw that Risa Nakamura and Maihee (Mai Sakamoto) wear a lot of items with a leo print. Also Risa's brand, E hyphen world gallery bonbon, has a lot of leo items.
Most of the time, it is combined with black, either a black dress or skirt.

Which coordinate do you like best?
How do you like to combine your leo print item?

All the best,


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