Thursday, 1 December 2016

Axes femme snow series

Hello lovelies,

I'm a huge fan of everything winter themed even though I hate the cold and snow. So Axes femme brought out a snow series and I love it.
The colours are blue, grey and white in every shade with snowflakes and christmas prints.

The pullover comes in black, grey and brown and the price is 4.104 Yen. I'm not really fond of the knit top part but the print is really amazing. I also like the frilly part at the bottom.

The cardigan comes in four colours, off white, blue, black and grey and also costs 4.104 Yen. I would totally wear the cardigan all the time in winter. Look at that amazing snow print on top. My only concern is that it is probably not that warm and made for really cold winters.

This knit pullover/dress comes in beige, black and navy and is 6.372 Yen.
My least favourite item but I am not fan of the pattern :(.

The blouse comes in blue, off white and black and costs 5.9292 Yen.
It has a snowflake stitching on the collar and little frills on the sleeve. Super cute!!

This fluffy pullover also comes in three colours, white, grey and turquoise. The price is 4.104 Yen.
It also has big and small snowflakes and little pearls on the front. At least this pullover looks like a promise of warmth in cold temperatures.

The skirt has the same print like the first pullover. It comes in blue, grey and a kind of beige/yellow and costs 5.292 Yen.

This jsk comes in navy, black and green. It's also 5.292 Yen.
I love that the snowflakes are not popping out but sit modestly in the back, waiting to be seen.

This jsk is the most expensive item in this collection and costs 7.452 Yen. It comes in burgundy, white and green. It also has the snowy lanscape print but only small and at the bottom of the skirt in black. I am not sure what the collar is made of, but it is detachable.

More snowflakes in black, blue and pink for 6.732 Yen.

And another pullover dress in navy, dark and light grey. It even has pockets! The price is again 5.292 Yen.

The series also includes accessories and one item for kids.

The ring comes in silver and gold. It has a ribbon and a snowflake pendant. The price is 1.296 Yen.

The necklace comes in silver with a black ribbon and in gold with a red ribbon. The price is 2.484 Yen.

The gloves come in three colours, red, dark grey and black. They have lace on the side and a tiny snowflake pendant.  The price is 2.052 Yen.

The shoes are for children. I am not sure which sizes they offer. The boots are 4.104 Yen.

The last item is a ring again with another snowflake pendant, a flower and a pearl and some rhinestones. I really like the silver version but the gold version is very nice too. The price is 1.296 Yen.

How do you like the collection?

All the best,


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