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2017 Fukubukuro master list

Hello lovelies,

I am a super big fan of lucky bags/happy bags/fukubukuro and whatever else they are called.
Out with the old and in with the new is the motto of the Japanese during new year and the shops do the same. They started selling lucky packs with their old collection for a cheap price. And the costumers loved it, even though they didn't know what was inside. It was such a huge hit that the shops started to do fukubukuro exclusive items.
Here is a preview of their upcoming happy bags for 2017:


The amavel lucky bag is completly sold out. No reservation can be made.

Angelic Pretty

It's all stuffed animals this year for Angelic pretty. The bring out two different lucky bags with this exclusive print. The other lucky bag is more toned down, at least in the print way.

The dreamy fairy jumperskirt set comes in four different colours, red, pink, lavender and black. The total cost with taxes is 12.960 Yen.
There are four items in the bag, a jumper skirt, a blouse, a pair of socks and a headpiece.

 The second set is a Wonder toy jumperskirt set which costs 17.280 Yen. The bag also has a pair of socks, a headbow, a jumper skirt and a blouse in it. It comes in three colours, pink, sax (as seen on the picture) and black.

This is the most expensive lucky bag of all three with 32.400 Yen. It also comes in the colours pink, sax and black. But this pack has five items, instead of four. The extra item is the coat.

I couldn't find any more information on the lucky pack and therefore got all my information on the lolita update fb page. Thank you Loki Cheng for your post!

Ank Rouge

The ank rouge lucky pack comes in pink and white and costs 10.800Yen with taxes. 

The lucky pack contains these items; a coat, one onepiece, a jsk, a long pullover.

The reservation date is still unknown.

E hyphen world gallery bonbon

On their official twitter site they announced a happy bag. Reservation starts on the first of December. More infos will be released soon.
See the full tweet here.

A few days ago the brand released more information. From the 1st to the 31st of December the reservation for the Lucky bag is open. But, as far as I understood the information here, the reservation can be only made in an E hyphen world gallery bonbon shop personally with a 1.000 Yen deposit and they are not releasing it online. Also, the happy bag is limited, so grab it while you can.

The price will be 20.000 Yen plus taxes and the items inside will have a value of 40.000 Yen.
The bag will come in sizes S and M.

Eatme's lucky bag will be 16.000 Yen plus taxes. Their bag will have a worth of over 60.000 Yen. The bags will have the same items in it, except for the coat.
Their reservation period has ended so I am not sure if and how you can still get hold of this lucky bag. Try your luck here.

Emiria Wiz

The lucky bag came out on the 8th of December.

The price for the bag was 30.000 Yen without taxes but it is sold out already.
See their homepage for more details.


Fint has three different lucky bags for this year. Two bags are filled with clothes, the other one has accessoires in it.
 This is the cheaper lucky bag and filled with 5 random items. It costs 10.800 Yen but the total worth is about 40.000 Yen. You can order your bag here.
This lucky bag costs 16.200 Yen but the items are worth 60.000 Yen. All in all, there are 7 items in the bag. Order your bag here.

The bag includes a coat and some fashion items. Rare items can also be included.  The coat is worth 20.000 Yen and comes only in onesize. It has these measurements:
Bust: 94cm
Waist: 84cm
Length: 77cm
Shoulder length: 34cm
Order your fint Fashion goods lucky bag here on their homepage.

Fint states that if you order multiple bags, it may happen that the same item can be found in two bags.

Honey Cinnamon

 The lucky pack comes in a black and in a pink version. The black version seems to be unisex and the pink version a girly one. Both cost 1.800 Yen including taxes.
Reservation begins on the first of December 2016.

Honey Salon

 The happy bag from Honey Salon will be 10.800 including taxes. The worth of the items is 40.000 Yen and it includes a bag and a coat.
You can order your bag here.

Innocent World

Every year Innocent brings out their happy pack in three variations. They come in 30.000 Yen, 50.000 Yen, and 80.000 Yen and in the sizes M or L.

The contents are randomly packed onepieces, jsk, blouses, headpieces, socks, bags, shoes and etc.
Reservation starts on the first of December.

 Liz Lisa

Liz lisa ist bringing out their lucky bags on Friday the 16th of December at 7pm japanese time (11am CET).

There will be only two different bags this year.

The liz lisa X My melody trolly is priced 30.000 Yen without taxes.
It looks sturdier than the trolleys from the past years.
There will be 7 items in the bag.

The 10.000 Yen bag without taxes comes in a pink satin bag.
There will be 4 items in the bag.

Miauler Mew

 Get your Lucky Bag from Miauler mew for 5.000 Yen plus taxes or 10.000 Yen plus taxes here.
The bag is randomly filled with items from last season.


 Onespo also has two different versions of their lucky bags. Their colours are pink and black.
The items listed on the pictures are the possible items you can get.
The bags are 10.800 Yen and the release date is not available yet.
But you can get the bags on the 2nd of January at the store or here at the Shibuya 109 store.

RoseMarie seoir (Syrup Tokyo)

All in all there are two different lucky bags from RoseMarie Seoir.

There is a clothes and shoes lucky bag and another one only with accessories.
The clothes lucky bag is 21.600 Yen and the worth of the clothes is about 60.000 Yen. You can get the bags in three different shoe sizes, as the clothes are most likely one-size:
Size S
Size M
Size L 
The accessories bag is 5.400 Yen and the items in the bag are worth about 15.000 Yen. Get the lucky bag here.
The reservation started on the first of December, so be quick!


The lucky bags of Swankiss are always called Angel bags.

This year they come in two colours, white and pink.

The angel bag costs 21.600Yen but the items inside are worth about 60.000Yen. One bag can include a jacket/coat, a dress (onepiece),  trousers/pants, and a top.
You can buy the bags here on their webshop but the release date is not out yet. I will keep you informed though.



Swimmer's lucky bag is super cute again with a bunny and bear print. A maximum of 20 items can be in one bag. An example for what can be in the bag is here. 

The price is 3.000 Yen plus taxes. The worth of all the items is about 12.000 Yen.
The release date is still unknown.

I will keep this entry up to date, so be sure to check back.

All the best,


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