Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Liz Lisa Spring collection 2017

Hello lovelies,

Liz Lisa just brought out their newest spring collection for 2017. For me, it really feels like they are hopping on the Larme bandwagon. Some styles still look very himekaji but others are definitely Larme.

The name of the spring collection is "Innocent dream flower". Same as Swankiss new collection name "Love pure France" it also doesn't make that much sense.

As for the clothes, look for yourself.

Their colour palette has a lot of pastels and only here and there can you make out stronger colours like navy or wine. 
The hair and make-up of the model also really strikes me as Larme and I am sure, I have seen some of the poses in the magazine before. 

The collection consists of the following items:
one coat
one pair of socks
three pair of shoes
two OP
one cardigan,
two skirts,
one all-in-one,
three tops,
three bags, 
one trousers,
and four different accessories. 

All the best,


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