Monday, 7 November 2016


Hello lovelies,

when i was in Japan back in 2014-15 I fell in love with a shop I didn’t know until then. That shop was called Swimmer. Entering the shop I had the feeling that I had landed in an unicorn world. Everything was pastel and cute and I wanted everything.

Swimmer shop also sold fukubukuro (lucky packs or lucky bags) for 5.000Yen plus taxes and first of all, the bag was huge and there were unicorns on it. And second of all, there were so many items in the bag, the worth was definitely double the price. My friend, who was with me at that time, also bought a fukubukuro and we traded some items because we did not get the same.

These are the items I got.

I also bought some more items to the ones I got already. Because how could I not.

My sister was in Tokyo last September and I asked her to bring some items Swimmer items for me. I wanted a new calendar and new bento boxes. 
And this is what she bought for me:

Swimmer had some Alice in Wonderland bags and while I am not fan of the story, I really like the designs. Then two bento boxes for food (or accessories.) and for next year I got a small pocket calendar with strawberries.

The price for the bag was 2160Yen including all taxes. There were two versions of the bag and this is the smaller one. The color is a nice and rich chocolate one.

I love everything strawberries. I always fail to find cute pocket calendars in Vienna so this was an absolute must have from Japan. Every second page of the calendar has a page to write in. But only the March page (and also my birthday) has a strawberry designs. All the other months have different designs. I thought that October with small ghosts and a witch was very cute too and June with swan princesses.

The price was totally fine with 580 Yen.And here are the top parts of the bento boxes. I love taking those boxes with to work because they are microwave and dishwasher friendly. The colors are super off and uneven. Meh.
The prices for the Cinderella bento box was 810 Yen. The price for the heart styled bento box was 918 Yen.
All the best,

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