Thursday, 10 November 2016

Review: Gli Elfi di Fiori by QuaintLass

Hello lovelies,

this is my first product review on my new blog.
I want to start it with the item Gli Elfi di Fiori by Quaint Lass. Quaint Lass is a Chinese Taobao brand and they have been around for some time now. It's was not my first order with them so I knew that my dress would be as seen on the pictures and in a good quality.

When the dress was announced I was thrilled. I love bird prints, pastels and lace and this dress had all of it. So I made a pre-order in April (!) for the purple color, size M. The order was made over yoybuy and I paid the dress in full already and this was when the problems started. I can't remember when exactly the dress was due but I think probably in June or July. I waited through all of July and all of August until I found the dresses already all over the internet and on clobbaonline. So, in August I started to write yoybuy messages via the messenger about the dress, There was no reply whatsoever. In September I opened the ticket. At that time I was already pissed off. Yoybuy had always worked perfectly for me until this year. But as we all know, 2016 is a bad year.
After opening the ticket I finally got a reply.
"Dear customer,

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

The buyer who processed item 5873099 resigned and could not reply you timely .

Our leader contact with the seller and learned that size M in color Light coupling 
淡藕合 is no stock , do you like to change the color to 艾绿 or  浅灰绿 in size M  ?
Pls tell us which one you choose .

Looking forward to your reply ."

I was like ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. I preordered my item in April. APRIL. So, I had to come to the conclusion that they didn't preorder it at all? I was fuming. The next logic step was to tell them to cancel the order with a full refund because I didn't want another colorway.

Their reply was:
"Dear valued customer,
We understand you very much and can fully feel your exact feeling.
M of this color is out of stock.
Could we buy size L or other color of M for you?
We can provide you 10 usd coupon.
We will try our best to help you.
Is it ok?
Sorry for causing your inconvenience.

Have a good day!"

So either I could get another colorway or a 10usd voucher (remember I paid for the full dress already which was about 100 usd). Great. Just peachy. 

So I wrote to them.

why is the item out of stock? I made a reservation on your site months ago. A reservation! I paid for the reservation."

Their reply again was:
"Dear valued customer,
Thanks for your understanding.
Your purchaser will buy the item today.
We will receive it as soon as possible."

? ? ? ? ? ?
I gave up and ordered the dress in another colorway and not loose my payment. 
But by then I vowed that I would never use yoybuy again. 

Shipping took about one and a half months until it finally arrived in Vienna. At least there were no complications with that.

Even though I wanted the purple color I then settled for the greyish/bluish one. And to be honest, I am happy that I didn't take the 10usd voucher because the dress is beautiful. Yes, it is not what I wanted but in the end, whatever. It took up too much nerves but that's over and I am left with an amazing dress.

The fabric of the dress is a nice and soft chiffon.

The material of the dress is super soft. I especially love the print of these birds on the front. I love those cute birbs, they are so cute.

The draping over the shoulder makes it look very royal and delicate. I always have to picture in my head of a Greek goddess wearing those over her shoulder too.

The lace has a lot of florals on them.

The overskirt is not detachable but that doesn't matter at all. I would not want to remove it anyway.

And this is how it looks from the back.

The print is so super cute. I didn't see the butterflies and fairies the first them when I looked at the dress because the overdress was hiding them.

Satisfaction: 4/5
Price: 5/5

All the best,



  1. It's always the worst when shopping services don't work! So far SpreeNow hasn't failed me yet, maybe give them a try?

    1. I afterwards used taobaoring but I was not satisfied with them either so thanks! I will definitely try out spreenow the next time :).