Monday, 7 November 2016


Hello lovelies,

Today I will write about Comyu.
It is one of my favorite vintage shops in Tokyo. They sell “Euro” (European) and USA vintage clothes and handmade dresses. Comyu doesn’t only sell clothes but also shoes and accessories.
The shop is stuffed with decoration; vintage lamps, plastic flowers, bird cages, pictures, music sheets and much more. I am very surprised that it actually looks good and not like a hoarder’s wet dream.
But of course the clothes are in focus. The dominant colors in this shop are definitely white or pastel.  Of course you will also find the one or other item in black, red or navy. I just love how full with lace, and/or chiffon and/or frills all the items seem to be.
Comyu’s handmade clothes are a dream of lace and delicate fabric, they also like to use the color white or offwhite. There are five different handmade brands sold at Comyu:
-I my
-Lie and roam
-Favorite bear
The designers dye the clothes with tea and use antique lace to give the clothes that vintage feeling.
What I really like about Comyu is that I can buy original Vintage items for a very low price. Where I live all the items are so so overpriced. Therefore I started to buy my items via the internet and even with shipping costs they are much cheaper than the items here. Comyu even has a sale page with prices as low as 1.953Yen for a skirt or top. The most expensive item I found was a wedding dress from the 70s for 25.800Yen.
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