Monday, 7 November 2016

Liz Lisa winter collection 16

Hello lovelies,
Liz Lisa brought out three more items from their Winter collection called “Victorian French”. Those three items are a top, a sukapan (skirt pants) and a jsk. They have the same floral 100% polyester fabric but they come in two different colors, beige-blue/purple and beige-pink.

The top has long sleeves and looks like it would be a dress for a small person.
There is lace on the sleeves and the upper part plus there are three ribbon on the front.

The sukapan is half dress, half trousers. I personally like them very much because I don’t need any safety pants.
The sukapan look very short, they don’t even reach the knees.
The top has a ribbon criss cross and there is a lot of lace on the bottom.

The dress looks like a longer and sleeveless version of the top.
Instead of the mini bows it has little buttons at the front and it is more V-shaped.
The price is normal for Liz Lisa items.
Top: 7.992¥
Sukapan: 7.452¥
Jsk: 9.396¥
All the best,


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