Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Snow app

Hello lovelies,

a few month ago I started using the snow app after seeing all the cute shop staff pictures, especially
Risamero from Ma*rs.
For a few days I used snapchat and in comparison, snow is so much better. Snapchat didn't really work on my phone and always died and the filters were lame. Snow works perfectly on my old Samsung S3 phone plus it has tons of filters. They even change it seasonally. I especially loved the Halloween filters!
The app also allows you to do a video and automatically ads the filters to your face. I can only recommend that fun app.
This will be a bit picture heavy but this is only a fraction of the pictures I did with snow.


Here are some of the creepy halloween filters:

They also had a zombie video with sound. That was super creepy the first time!
And here are some pictures with friends and family.

What is your favourite filter?
Add me on snow and we can trade funny pictures. My username is lady_auris.

All the best,


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