Tuesday, 15 November 2016

New collection: Snowy rabbit by Metamorphose

Hello lovelies,

Metamorphose started a preview for their new items called "Snowy rabbit". The pre-order starts on November 25th at 5pm JST on their site.
The print has cute white bunnies and red-pinkish roses on them with green leafs. They all come in the colors grass green, off-white and wine. The material seems to be a cotton blend or cotton fabric.

The first onepiece comes with long sleeves and a detachable collar of fur.
The price will be 32.800Yen.

The second onepiece has no waistline and the dress part starts over the chest. The dress has a high collar with three gold buttons to close it. It's also in the grass green colorway. The price will be 25.800Yen. 

The jumperskirt shown is in the color wine. It has a huge golden boy at the front and a shiring in front.  The price will be 30.024 Yen.

Jumperskirt number two has two slits on the side where fabric peeks through. It also has a bow in front but instead of the shiring, it has a kind of wrap. the price will be also 30.024 Yen.

The over the knees have the same flower print on them as seen on the dresses.The price will be  2.376 Yen.

There are three different hair accessories.
The first one is a big bow with a fluffy fur ball. I can't say if it is realy fur but it is most of the time with japanese brands. The colors are different though. They come in old rose, mustard and pale green.
The price will be 4.320 Yen.
The other bow is a side bow with gold tassels at the end and also a big fur ball on the top.
The third bow is also a side bow but there are two pieces and it is much smaller. It has a little flat blue pearl in the middle with a cross engraved.
The colours of these two bows are the same as the dresses; wine, grass green and off-white.

Both bows will be 3.780 Yen. 

I personally don't like this collection at all. The colors are weird and the cut is even weirder. The only thing I like is the cute bunny print with the florals. But it is a typical Metamorphose temps de fille item and people will either like it or not.

All the best,


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